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Mumbo Jumbo


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Mumbo Jumbo Game
Age range: 7 +

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Hilarious Mumbo Jumbo game will make your sides split with laughter.
Split into teams of 2 and choose the first to be the reader and the guesser.
The reader rolls the dice, puts in the mouthpiece, flips the timer and picks up a card, then reads the phrase that matches the colour on the dice.
The guesser has to correctly guess the phrase and if successful, the reader then selects another card and continues to read the same coloured phrase before the sand timer runs out.
Each card guessed correctly is retained by the team and is worth 1 point.
Bonus Challenge cards are worth 2 points.
First team to 20 points wins.
Contents: Over 600 Phrases, Bonus Cards, 8 Mouthpieces in 2 sizes, sand timer, game die, instructions and house rules card.
Ages: 7 +