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Stone Soup


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A yummy memory matching game with an obstacle
Ages 5 +

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- Unlike most games Stone Soup encourages kids to help each other to win as a team.
- This way, kids work together, they help each other, and they practice just what the Stone Soup story is all about – cooperation!
- A co-operative game eliminates stress, builds self-esteem, and teaches kids that playing together can be fun!


• 2011 Major Fun Award
• 2012 Family Review Center Approved
• Ages 5+
• 2-4 players
• Plays in 15 minutes
• No reading required


• 1 game board
• 24 soup ingredient cards
• 1 magic stone card
• 10 fire out cards
• A Tale of Stone Soup story
• Instructions

How to Play:

- From the classic tale of co-operation comes this simple game where players work together to “cook” a soup by making matches of ingredients
- Match all of the ingredients before the fire under the kettle goes out and everyone wins!
- Turn all cards face down on the board
- Players take turns turning 2 cards face up
- If they match, place the 2 cards in the kettle area of the board
- If they do not match, turn them face down
- If a player turns a Fire Out card face up, the Fire Out card is placed on the fire area
- If 10 Fire Out cards are placed in the fire area before all 12 matches are made, players lose
- But wait: There is 1 magic stone card that can turn any Fire Out card face down again on the board
- Players decide together when to use the magic stone card to help keep the soup cooking!

What is a co-operative game?

- A co-operative game is a game where all players play together against a common obstacle, not against each other
- In a co-operative game no one feels left out and everyone has fun!
- Peaceable Kingdom’s cooperative board games use familiar game mechanisms – spinning a spinner, matching cards, moving a token, strategizing a win!
- The difference is that players play together
- Playing together helps kids in many ways – they experience shared decision-making, they build self-esteem, they learn to share, to feel compassion, and to work as a team
- Playing co-operative games teaches kids to co-operate


Stone Soup Instructions

Stone Soup Game Instructions

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