Do parents at your school spend money on any of the following items?

  • stationery for home, school or business
  • workbooks and/or textbooks
  • educational aids and resources
  • water bottles, lunch bags, kit bags, school bags and cases
  • partyware and accessories for hosting a party
  • gifts, gift wrap or bags and birthday or greeting cards
  • clothing
  • fiction and non-fiction books from best-selling authors
  • electronic goods for home, school or business
  • and much, much more

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, Simply Everything Gifts & Stationery (Simply Everything) may have a fundraising solution for your school.

Whether your school is a public, private, primary or secondary school, we know that school fees generally pay for day-to-day running of the school, and essential equipment.  Fundraising can assist with 'nice-to-haves', additional equipment, and other upgrades to facilities of the classrooms or sports fields, improving the overall experience of those that attend or visit the school.  If significant capital expenses need to be made, fundraising can also assist in achieving these goals faster.

Parents can, at times, find additional fundraising events costly, especially as some of these costs may be outside of their budget.

At Simply Everything Gifts & Stationery, parents do not pay any additional amount for their fundraising contributions.  Simply Everything contributes on their behalf, a portion of their purchase made on our website*.  These purchases are purchases that most parents would ordinarily make, so there is no significant change in their spending habits.

Simply Everything understands that the differences between a good education and a great education are the resources that teachers and students have available to them.  These additional resources ensure that their understanding of concepts taught in and out of the classroom, are on a theoretical and practical level.

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