Pay off your school pack


School requirements can be costly, at a time of year that already requires substantial financial resources. Besides the purchase of school stationery and textbooks, there may be additional costs for uniforms, tablets, admin/registration fees... (the list is almost endless) and its the festive season!

Simply Everything aims to make life a little easier by offering parents a way to spread the impact of purchasing textbooks, stationery and other requirements at this time of year. We do this by providing the option to purchase vouchers on a monthly basis. These vouchers, once paid, are accumulated on the purchaser's profile for use at a later date. Remember that even a monthly purchase of R200 over 5 months is R1000 less that has to be raised at the end of the year.


NOTE: We do not release any stationery packs unless paid in full, but more than one payment can be made BEFORE the pack/order is sent out. Please note that orders are not confirmed unless paid IN FULL.


Simply Everything does not have a closing date for orders for Back to School 2019, but we recommend ordering before the 30th November to receive school packs in time for the following academic year. We will still accept orders after the 30th November, but some of the items from packs/orders may be delivered late if we do not have stock.

PLEASE NOTE THAT DECEMBER AND JANUARY ORDERS USUALLY END IN DISAPPOINTMENT (for you and therefore for us). If orders are placed after the 30th November, we suggest checking which items are in stock, and placing an order only for these. If orders are placed in December or January, with the expectation to receive the order before school begins, or shortly afterwards, it might be better to source these out of stock items elsewhere. If any of these items cannot be found elsewhere, an order can be placed that will remain on backorder until our stock arrives.

Remember that it does not serve us to have unhappy customers - we'd rather have happy customers that return year after year to purchase their requirements from us. We do understand the urgency of school orders, but since we do not print books, or manufacture stationery, we have to rely on stock from our suppliers. If you place your order with us in December or January, for out of stock items, we promise that we will complete your order as soon as we can - we however, cannot guarantee a completion date. In December and January, the 4 weeks lead time shown on packs may be much longer. (Why is there no stock when its back to school?)


How to pay your school pack off in more than one month*:

(Download PDF of these instructions)

Before you begin - please note that we do not give refunds on vouchers. Vouchers are added to your profile and stay valid for 1.5 years (18 months) from date of purchase. You can use your voucher for any purchase on our website, not only stationery and textbooks.


  1. Determine/Estimate the value of your textbooks and stationery requirements, as well as any other requirements – school bag, lunch boxes, coolers, water bottles, etc. (Use last year's spend as a guide). During 'Back to School' season, if you cannot see your school list under the ‘Back to School’ menu, send it to us at schools@simplyeverything.co.za and we’ll load it for you and send you a link to access it.
  2. Visit www.simplyeverything.co.za
  3. Select ‘Back to School’ on the Menu, then click on ‘Pay off your School Pack’. Simply Everything provides vouchers in denominations of R100, R250, R500, R1000.
  4. Determine the number of vouchers of each value that you will require (Eg. R900 = R500 x 1 and R100 x 4 or R650 = R250 x 1 and R100 x 4)
  5. Hover over the voucher of the value you require (We recommend purchasing vouchers to the total of your school packs divided by the number of months you wish to pay over, but remember that any amount that you purchase now is less that you’ll have to come up with in the coming months), then click on ‘Customise’.
  6. Scroll down slightly and complete the customisation field with the following:
    1. School (this can change if you are unsure whether your child will be attending the same school in the next academic year)
    2. Grades of the lists you're providing for (in the event that we do have stock available and are able to reserve for you)
  7. Click on ‘Save’ to the right of the customisation block, then scroll up and change the quantity (if applicable), than click on ‘Add to Cart’. If an error pops up about the customisation, make sure you’ve completed and saved the school and grades. (Repeat steps 5 to 7, if necessary)
  8. Click on ‘Continue Shopping’ if you need to add more vouchers (Go back to step 5), or ‘Proceed to Checkout’ if you are finished (Go to step 9).
  9. Repeat steps 5 to 9 on each value of voucher required to make up your required voucher value (Eg. R900 = R500 x 1 and R100 x 4 or R650 = R250 x 1 and R100 x 4). When finished, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’. This will take you to your cart.
  10. In your cart, you will see all the vouchers you added. Please verify the quantity of each voucher and check the order total (if your purchase is only for vouchers, this is the total of the voucher that will be added to your profile). Amend quantities, if required, or begin the checkout process. (How do I check out?)

NOTE: There is no shipping cost for the order if it only consists of vouchers. There is however, a delivery charge for any physical items included when you place your order for the stationery packs (or any other products), and use your vouchers to pay. Standard delivery charges apply to any orders placed and paid for with vouchers.




What next?

Your voucher will be loaded to your profile within 24 hours of your purchase. If you do not receive an email confirmation in this time, please contact us. (Also see How do I use my vouchers?)

*REMEMBER: Simply Everything does not release any orders for delivery without full payment (we do not offer credit, but offer payment by credit card through Payfast). If you choose to pay for your packs in more than one month, please ensure that you are able to complete your order by the 30th November 2018 (with payment in full) for timeous delivery. Ordering processing begins once payment is received in full. (see above and also ‘Related questions’ below)

You can prepare for Back to School 2020, by purchasing vouchers from the end of December or January – eg. You can purchase a R200 voucher per month to have R2000 school packs paid for by the end of September. No delays, no stress. Send us an email for a monthly reminder to purchase your voucher so that you don’t forget. Prepaying makes life much less stressful. Click here to be sent a monthly reminder.


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If you struggle with any of the steps above, or have any additional questions not covered by our FAQs, please contact us:

Landline: 011 974 5005

Email: info@simplyeverything.co.za

Whatsapp: 083 612 0155

Online message (bottom right hand corner of screen)